Our main goal is to ensure that every student shall achieve a complete success to his extent of ability.
Providing students with necessary knowledge and skills are which able them to direct and successfully orient their life and to raise a collaborative generation having values at their societies.

Aiming to develop and taking responsibilities by students to take vital roles, respect themselves and others, and to respect their rights and other's rights.

Urging students to properly think in a very developed criticism sense for themselves, societies and their world.

Aiming to provide curriculums with large ideas to develop all different aspects of life for students regarding thoughtful, social, morality, sports and Healthy Senses.

Aiming to assess and evaluate every student efforts as much as we can, and to develop the school environment in which enables student to get know the best levels of his abilities.

Aiming to maintain the school unification, where each of students and school stuff will respect each other.
Aiming to guarantee that every student has a deep concern and positive one toward the environment and society.