RAIS Vision


Royal American International School (RAIS) will become the school which has the high quality of education in accordance with the national and international standards.
Students who graduated from Royal American International School (RAIS) have enough abilities in mental ability, general knowledge, English, Computer, Science, techniques and specific skills to challenge into both local and international labor markets successfully, in accordance with RAIS’s slogan:
"the school you trust"


To achieve the vision above, the RAIS has set the mission to improve the educational field by offering the important life skills to the students proficiently such as analyzing, thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and being self-confidence in their study through the 3 main programs:
1. General Education (Plan on the Future Only)
2. GEP (General English Program)- starts from Pre-school to level 12.
3. Computer Training Course.
All subjects have been taught by teachers and lecturers who graduated and had enough experience in teaching. One room is limited only 16 to 20 students.
The management is well structured from top level to low level.


With clear vision and defined mission for the improvement of the quality of education, we strongly believe that the students who graduated from Royal American International School will gain the high quality of education in accordance with national and international standards.
When the students finish their studies from RAIS, they will become good citizens and leaders with high morality, virtues, and full of ability in general knowledge, English, computer and specific skills and they can use their abilities effectively to face the challenge in both national and international labor markets in accordance with RAIS’s motto: '' Quality, Efficiency, Excellence, Morality, and Virtue''.