Computer Training

Computer Training Course is a training course specializing in computer application, which has over 36 popular programs acceptable in the labor market. Flexible times are available for students to choose; especially, they can work with qualified Master and Bachelor instructors.

All teachers at Royal American International School (RAIS) are qualified for teaching. They were holding Bachelor Degree of Information Technology and some of them are pursuing their Master Degrees. They are all patient, creative, talented and have earned years of Experiences in teaching children.
Each classroom is equipped with Camera to keep in touch with students’ activities and teachers’ teaching.

Every computer was equipped with the modern LCD and very easy to use with high capacity of CPU and RAM to work on the computer like Designing Program, Video editing Program…
Students can choose their favorite programs from 36 popular programs to prepare for the present labor market.

Every Student who study computer at Royal American International School (RAIS), he/she is provide free Internet and E-mail.