Volunteer Staff in Cambodia

Royal American International School
Volunteer Staff
Duration           : 1 to 12 Weeks
Hours               : Monday to Friday, 1hrs per day
Activities          : Help in teaching English
Location          : Siem Reap Cambodia
Requirement    : Aged 18+
Royal American International School is located in Siem Reap City, #115, Vihear Chen Village, Sangkat Svay Dangkum Commnune, Khan Siem Reap, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.
Royal American International School is providing a volunteer placements working with children in Cambodia. The project supports education program for the children.
The project focuses on the young and vulnerable to assist them and their families in finding a way out of the trap of poverty through education, health care, nutrition and income generation.
RAIS Education Programs - Provides local children that are unable to afford the private school fees with the opportunity of a high standard education with a low price. Classes in both the Khmer language and English are provided to more than 20-25 children.
The children are also taught English, and arts as well as fun general education classes. Due to the local tourist industry, 90% of the jobs available in Siem Reap require English to be spoken. The children are very enthusiastic about learning and very much appreciate hearing good English being taught and spoken by the volunteers.
Volunteers - Assist the local teaching staff as well as teaching English, arts, and general education.
Tel: (855) 63 6666 885 / 63 6666 181 / 17 655 569
E-mail: info@rais.edu.kh / Website: www.rais.edu.kh