Royal American International School (RAIS)

Royal American International School (RAIS), Established in 2010, was recognized by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia, located in the centre of Siem Reap City,  is an independent, co-educational day school offering an  American based curriculum for preschool and general english class. RAIS equipped by modern materials and particularly with more professional teachers (Khmer and Foreigner).
Choosing a standard and confidentiality school is very difficult! RAIS inspires a passion for learning, encourages emotional and intellectual vitality, and empowers students with the confidence and courage to contribute to the global community and to achieve their dreams.
RAIS is committed to providing each student an exemplary American educational experience with an international perspective.
Conclusion we hope you will made a wise choice with RAIS. I look forward to meeting you.

RAIS targets to provide children with a distinctive Education, effective, and meaningful ones for all its students. As we endeavor to achieve our objectives through the following procedures:
  1. Developing responsibilities orientations of our children within the education frame work.
  2. Providing the most levels of efforts in order to develop the potential academic achievements.
  3. Providing a huge number of experiences and testimonies inside and outside curriculums.
  4. Developing and training students as responsible ones to raise them up to become having self confidence, having forgiveness senses and having concerns on Education.
  5. Concern mainly on sports as a basic element in the Educational processes.
  6. The basis of achieving these goals are incorporation among students, parents and school stuff, in order to let everyone work toward achieving and accomplishing the above mentioned objectives
  7. Special Objectives
  8. Special Objectives that are related between our goals and the daily scientific practices inside or outside classes consist of (3) parts as follows:
  1. Our main goal is to ensure that every student shall achieve a complete success to his extent of ability.
  2. Providing students with necessary knowledge and skills are which able them to direct and successfully orient their life and to raise a collaborative generation having values at their societies.
  3. Aiming to develop and taking responsibilities by students to take vital roles, respect themselves and others, and to respect their rights and other's rights.
  4. Urging students to properly think in a very developed criticism sense for themselves, societies and their world.
  5. Aiming to provide curriculums with large ideas to develop all different aspects of life for students regarding thoughtful, social, morality, sports and Healthy Senses.
  6. Aiming to assess and evaluate every student efforts as much as we can, and to develop the school environment in which enables student to get know the best levels of his abilities.
  7. Aiming to maintain the school unification, where each of students and school stuff will respect each other.
  8. Aiming to guarantee that every student has a deep concern and positive one toward the environment and society.
  1. Aiming to provide every member in the school with an obvious and clear vision to what collaborations could be occurred by them for school divisions and for the entire school.
  2. Aiming to guarantee to evaluate and assess every member recruited at the school, and realizing that he \ she made a great and positive efforts for the school.
  3. Aiming to encourage every member to give an opened opinions for his \ her Divisions, where school stuff can easily realize that there is a great variety of works can be done during the semester.
  4. Aiming to provide staff with the most recent equipment and tools and convenient resources and the necessary skills to perform their duties appropriately.
  1. Aiming to provide parents with periodical reports on their children and their achievements, and to inform parents about the developments of curriculums and other suggested options.
  2. Aiming to respond effectively to parents on their concerns, and endeavoring to support parents in accomplishing the school goals.
  3. Aiming to establish a ways and channels of collaboration between parents and school.
  4. Aiming to execute and carry out open doors policy for parents, hopefully to let them get comfortable and content to directly connect and communicate with schools.
    1- Information for parents
The partnership between the school and parents is very important. Researchers have shown that the involvement of supportive parents is a factor of major importance in the education process of the students. In the RAIS International School, the school will focus on the partnership between its processes and the parents in a number of ways.
 By encouraging attendance at the evening seminars for  parents. By adopting a policy of openness in which parent cam hold telephone conversation to come and meet the manager or any member of the management of the school at any time.
Through contacting parents when emergency things occur at the first sign of the problem. By informing parents of the child positive conditions using a ID Card.
    2- Students Security
RAIS is utilizing a very large data base of Information Technology (IT) in order to guarantee that the students will get more information to be dealt by the easily sense where all classes include the following:
  • We have Security Cameras are set in every place at the school to register every single step daily, weekly and annually.
  • We have many Security Guards to protect your children.
  • We have many teachers to look after your child in classes and out classes during studying in our school.